Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Paperless IxD

Can IxD encourage green behavior? We can promote digital usage over printing. Yes people want to print, but if we give them better alternatives with computer aided deliverables, we can persuade people not to print. iRise pushes the iDoc or interactive document. Once you print it, you loose 50% of it's value, maybe more. Other apps and sites can do the same.

Make it portable.
Allow users to take the artifact off line or to another on of their computers. In a pinch users need to review it on the road or at home, if it is not portable, printing is the knee jerk reaction. Mobile device compatibility may be part of this equation as well.

Make it shareable.
Allow users to show it to others. While not all the editing options may be required, commenting or some form of mark up is common. If this feedback system is then harnessed into a sliceable dice-able list, the computer aided element can be pushed.

Safety is another reason people tend to print. What if your system is not around in 5 years. They may still need their data, after all is it theirs. Provide export options or other back up means.

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