Saturday, December 27, 2008

MeetUp A.I.

I was doing a search in for a running group today. It automatically narrowed the search to LA because that is where my profile has me pinned to. I didn't find any group that suited me so i though I'd create one. The new group form came up with the default group name reading "Los Angeles Running MeetUp Group" and the description defaulted to "Meet others in your local area to Run with. Plan group runs and participate in various long and short distance running. Discuss safety and more."

I had to pause for a second. I thought that maybe I had been on auto pilot and had magically typed it. But I hadn't. Not only did the new group form remember that I was looking for a running group, but it had also pulled my location info and typed out a logical title and description. I'm sure these templates are limited to certain topics, but I was really impressed that they had something smart to propose and not some funky fill in the blank description.

It's got to be one of most enlightening experiences I've had on the web.

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