Friday, May 23, 2008

ScrapBlog for Design

As a subscriber of Dwell magazine, I have been getting into green modern homes. Through additional sources like web, conferences, books and local architecture, I have a lot of ideas of what I would home to look like. But it's all in my head. I need to manage and share all those ideas.

To help me gather some of that info, I've used ScrapBlog. It's an online flex app for creating single or multi-page scapbook books, but in more of a blog type format. That is, any event may be worthy of a scrapblog. It's a good idea because it is easier to get people to build a scrapbook over time instead of all at once. In a way, the blog approach removes the burned out of album making.

What I needed, however, was not a scrapbook, but rather a way of gathering ideas. The tools that ScrapBlog offers were actually very effective for the task. Because it is online, it was easy to share with my family (stakeholders) without them having to figure out how to open the file. It is able to gather photos easily and allows you to arrange them in whatever layout you need. Finding a new use for the tool and more importantly a solution to my gathering problem was a perfect example of web apps today. New uses are being discovered every day. Web apps need to be built to be flexible and business need to open to new opportunities.

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